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We represent WOODEN AURORA, and we strive to provide everything that is distinctive and elegant at an affordable price.  Our business is based on the handcrafted wood based in Alsace, France.

Our company depicts our love for nature, and this will appear in the products of the nature rings, which represent the wonderful rivers and seas whose idea is inspired by the hexagonal shape of the Republic of France, which extends all sides to a river or a sea.

Our support for nature also appears in choosing our logo, which is a deer head with its horns, and it was chosen precisely because these antlers are characterized by regeneration when broken;  This is what carries two special messages from our company, The material used is recycled wood in a newer way without waste, and the other message is that we are always keen on renewal.

Of our special products; Wooden watches for men, wooden watches for women, nature rings, necklaces, wooden glasses and bracelets for both men and women, these products contain a metal part that been make with a manufacture of high-tech Japanese machines.
Wooden Aurora
Regarding our site;  You will find everything you need to know in its own box;  You can find and read the types of trees and minerals that we use in our industry and how and from where we import them, in addition to that you will know the rare types of them and the hardness scale of each of them, and with regard to the endangered trees, We have been keen to recycle them and then use them to preserve nature.
Wooden Aurora ABOUT WOODEN AURORA https://woodenaurora.com/about-wooden-aurora/

When viewing any product, it is possible to know its wood and metal type, and not only that; It is even possible to identify the shape and type of the engine if the product is a watch.

The company provides you with writing some letters on your own product if you want to.

Wooden Aurora

Because each product of our products expresses and describes a personality, you will recognize it once you read its description.



Regarding ordering the product you want; We provided you with a distinguished team that works only to quickly respond to your request and speedy delivery to you as well; In order to preserve your passion for any of our products.

If you have any questions or proposals or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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